About Us

Zaren Clinic

About Us

As Zaren Clinic, we work with doctors and all other medical staff to establish language and cultural communication and to ensure two-way exchange of information between patients and medical personnel.

Zaren Clinic, which provides services in hair transplantation, dental health, plastic surgery and many other health issues, also provides services in many subjects ranging from planning, accommodation and transfer and the most suitable treatment for patients. We are a company that manages the process in the best possible way from the beginning to the end and we are  entirely based on patient satisfaction.

We are a leading organization that provides the highest quality service reached by medicine ,we prioritize our patient safety and rights , we train environmentally conscious and qualified workers and we are continuously  and innovatively developing ourselves.

A common management system, exampled by its medical practices and technology, meets all of our patients health need, while living up to the expectations of society and international standards.