Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. In women who have survived this disease, tumorous tissue may need to be removed from the breast or sometimes the entire breast may need to be removed. This can have some traumatic consequences. People may feel incomplete or think they don’t look feminine enough. The removal of part or all of the breast due to breast cancer is called mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction surgeries can also be performed during mastectomy surgeries and can be useful for people to overcome the effects of breast loss.

Breast reconstruction surgery can be performed with different techniques. The most preferred method is skin expansion method applied with mastectomy surgery. This is an operation performed in more than one stage. For this application, a prosthesis that expands the skin is placed under the breast skin after the breast is removed. This prosthesis, which is placed under the skin, is injected with salt water by the doctor after the surgery. This process can take weeks and this process continues until the skin grows as much as desired. After the skin expands as much as desired, the prosthesis is removed with a second surgery and replaced with a permanent prosthesis. In the flap reconstruction method, the breast is reconstructed with tissue taken from different parts of the body. Sometimes it may be necessary to put prosthesis under this tissue. This is an operation with multiple stages. According to the skin expansion method, The advantage of flap reconstruction is that it gives the breasts a natural appearance.


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