Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction aesthetics is the reduction and mitigation of your breasts, which are large according to your body structure. It is an aesthetic operation and should be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon. For breast reduction, you should proceed with a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery. Large breasts can lead  to posture disorders, lower back pain, sagging and even psychological distress over time. Therefore, you can have a more comfortable life with an accurate aesthetic operation to be applied at an earlier age , The purpose of breast reduction is to obtain breasts of equal size and form, symmetrical and lighter structure.

Our recommendation for breast reduction aesthetics is the completion of the body development of the person. In other words, the post-18 term for young girls will be the ideal time for this surgery. Your general health needs to be good medically in order to undergo surgery. If you are considering pregnancy you should postpone this surgery after the birth and breastfeeding period.

In the preliminary examination with your plastic surgeon there should be a middle way between your expectations of this surgery and the recommendations that your doctor will give in accordance with your anatomy. Asymmetry disorder present in the breasts is also corrected by breast reduction operation. With a successful breast reduction aesthetic, you gain self-confidence and continue to live much more satisfied with your body.


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