Duodenal Switch in Turkey


    Duodenal Switch Surgery in Turkey, especially at Zaren Health, provides the best obesity treatment. To solve obesity, one of the biggest health problems today, we advise that you contact Zaren ​Health. Thus, you get rid of unwanted your weight easily and affordably. 

    What is Duodenal Switch Surgery?   

    Duodenal Switch is a surgery that provides both restrictive and malabsorptive weight overruns in the stomach. The restrictive part of the surgery involves the removal of approximately 70-75% of the stomach and a large part of the duodenum, or twelve finger intestines. For this restriction, the left side of the patient’s stomach is removed first. As a result, the stomach becomes a thin and long tube. This part of the surgery is a procedure that can no longer be undone Duodenal Switch in Turkey.

    The most important part of the surgery is the reorientation of a long part of the small intestine to create two separate paths and a common canal. The short one of these two ways is the small intestine, which will take what comes from the stomach to the canal. The longer intestinal part is the part where bile and other digestive enzymes mix with food and lead to absorption Duodenal Switch in Turkey.

    Needs to Know about Duodenal Switch Surgery

    In short, the purpose of these arrangements is to selectively limit fat absorption by reducing the time the body takes to get calories from foods in the small intestine. After Duodenal Switch surgery, patients lose two-thirds of their excess weight within 2 years the stomach is tubed and thus the absorption will decrease as the last 250 cm of the small intestine is used for food passage while food intake is restricted. In this way, you have the advantage of losing weight more effectively.

    Since the valve at the exit of the stomach will not be disturbed, there is no bile escape and consequently no stomach ulcers. Since this valve is preserved, symptoms such as low blood pressure, fainting and vomiting due to the passage of nutrients to the small intestine, i.e. Dumping Syndrome, will not be seen. As with bypass surgeries, the dysfunctional part of the stomach, which is not accessible, is not left in the body. Duodenal Switch surgeries are known as one of the most effective methods provided for morbidity treatment and control of diabetes. For those who gain weight in the long term after gastric surgery, the transition to this surgery will be very simple Duodenal Switch in Turkey.

    Things to consider Duodenal Switch Surgery

    Your stomach cannot tolerate large amounts of fat, alcohol or sugar. Therefore, if you want to get through this surgery with minimal complications, you will surely need to reduce your fat intake, fast food, sugar-containing cakes, frozen foods, sweets, cookies and confectionery , Electrolyte and vitamin deficiencies can be seen in this surgery as can be seen in all absorption-disrupting procedures Duodenal Switch in Turkey.

    Duodenal Switch Surgery Cost in Turkey

    Zaren ​Health serves with its staff specialized in Duodenal Switch. For all your questions about Duodenal Switch, you can contact us via our clinic phones or whatsapp line

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