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Fue Hair Transplant Turkey


    Fue hair transplant Turkey  is very affordable and has more advantages. Fue hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to prevent hair loss. Most people who want this method prefer to work with a medical expert. This surgery is not as easy as considered. So, an expert must perform hair transplantation. 
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    What is  Fue Hair Transplant

    Fue Hair transplant is the process of removing hair follicles with special tipped medical devices. This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and placing them in balding areas from the donor area, taking into account the angle and direction of hair growth. In this application, the hair is removed one by one and transplanted to the balding area. Before follicle extraction, the hair in the donor area is cut and shortened to 1 mm Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

    How is Fue hair transplant performed ?

    The application area and the area where the hair follicle will be taken are numbed with local anesthetic drug. The micro motor tip is brought closer to the center of the hair and is immersed and pulled in accordance with the direction of hair growth. The follicle is cut cylindrically together with the microscopic tissue. With this system, which minimizes the damage to the grafts in the operation, the operation times have also shortened Fue Hair Transplant Turkey. 
    In the Fue method, there is no incision and stitching process in the hair removal area. Since the procedure is performed in the area where the roots are taken, small abrasions occur and heal within a few days, leaving no scars. With this technique, grafts taken from the nape area can be used in hair transplantation as well as eyebrow and mustache transplantation. Each graft contains between one and three hair strands Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

    What should be considered in Fue hair transplant?

    Hair transplantation is a serious application that should be performed by professionals who are experts in their field. Once it is performed, you will see the effects for a lifetime. The place where hair transplantation will be performed with the Fue method should be hospitals that perform hair transplantation, specialist doctors and medical aesthetic teams Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

    Hair transplant operation; It is a procedure that is applied by people who have hair loss and baldness problems due to various reasons, and the results are very successful. Depending on genetic factors, stress and hormone disorders, hair may lose its resistance and fall out. People who experience hair loss and deal with the problem of baldness resort to hair transplantation methods. Today, there are many methods applied to restore hair Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

    Methods such as fue and dhi are frequently preferred and used and have a great effect. 
    –Hair transplantation is a procedure that takes place by transplanting hair strands taken from the nape area to balding areas. 
    –The patient should avoid heavy activities, stay away from hair styling creams or gels and be very careful about sleeping and getting up for a certain period of time after the procedure, that is, during the healing process. 
    –Hair transplantation is an operation suitable for both men and women, but caution should be exercised in patients with certain diseases Fue Hair Transplant Turkey. 
    –Patients with diabetes and allergies should undergo some tests before hair transplantation. 
    –Hair transplantation is not suitable for patients undergoing cancer treatment and should not be performed.

    What are the advantages of Fue hair transplant?

    Fue hair transplant method; although it is an old method, it is the most commonly used method among hair transplantation methods. The aim of the Fue method is to transplant the hairs taken from the nape area one by one to the balding areas with special tipped medical tools under local anesthesia.

    There is no incision or stitch mark in the area where the hair follicles are taken from the nape area. Hair transplantation with the Fue method offers some advantages to people. The advantages of hair transplantation with the Fue method are as follows:
    – There are no incisions and stitch marks at the operation site. 
    – Since fine-tipped devices are used, the procedure is completed in a short time. 
    – After the Fue method, the hair takes an extremely natural and aesthetic appearance. 
    – The healing process in the Fue method is short and it is possible to return to normal life immediately.

    How long does the healing process of Fue hair transplant?

    The healing process of fue hair transplant method varies from person to person. After the operation, signs of healing appear within 1-2 weeks, and conditions such as crusting and redness disappear after 10 days. Visible results are obtained 6 months after the operation and the change applied to the hair is completed within 1 year Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

    What should be considered in Fue Hair Implants?

    Fue hair transplant is a method that requires extreme care and attention. Therefore, this methot must be performed by specialist doctors. In the Fue hair transplantation, there are some issues that the patient should pay attention to in order to recover in a short time Fue Hair Transplant Turkey.

    At the same time, the points that the patient should pay attention to in hair transplantation. In this content, in the Fue method, things that pay attentions are as follows:
    – The hair should never be washed on the day of the operation. 
    – Harmful substances such as smoking and alcohol should be avoided for the first 3 days. 
    – The patient should protect himself/herself from sunlight in the first days. 
    – Heavy activities should be avoided for a certain period of time. 
    – The patient should pay close attention to their lying position. 
    – Medications recommended by the doctor should be used regularly. 
    – Hair should be protected against possible impacts for the first 15 days.

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    Fue Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

    Fue hair transplant surgery cost vary according to the hair analysis of the patient and the clinic where the application will be performed in Turkey, and prices are determined according to these criteria. You can visit our clinic service to learn about hair transplantation, such as hair transplantation prices and hair transplantation with the fue method, and you can contact us via whatsapp information line for more information. There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, but Zaren Health has strong hair transplant consultation. And, it has many ​award winning.

    Step by Step FUE Hair Transplant

    You can have FUE hair Transplant consists of basic steps. 

    1. Zaren Health provides you with free online consultation to make your hair transplant plan.
    2. In line with the plan, you can choose FUE hair transplant package in Zaren Health.
    3. After choosing your hair transplant package, you can plan your visit to Turkey.
    4. Finally, you can have the best FUE hair transplant with Zaren Health.

    Proven FUE Hair Transplant

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