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    What is Laminate Veneers?

    Laminate Veneers is known as the process performed with the thin layer applied on the intact tooth. It is made as a result of a very small amount of filing. It is a prosthesis application with the leaf coating process, which comes from Latin.

    In order for the dental problems that the person is uncomfortable with to be eliminated, it is absolutely necessary to be under the control of a specialist physician. Otherwise, there is no possibility of realizing the treatment or having information about the dental problem. It is known as Laminate Veneers  in the treatment method, which is frequently preferred in our country and in the world and provides great benefit in dental technology Laminate Veneers in Turkey.

    Before the procedure, the patient undergoes a preliminary examination. It uses imaging techniques to get information about the dental problem. If the patient has any discomfort, this discomfort must be eliminated first. Otherwise, it is not possible for the procedure to be applicable. It is a method used in the treatment method due to the wear of the teeth over time Laminate Veneers in Turkey.

    How is Laminate Veneers Made?

    Gum recession occurs due to various reasons. Apart from this, a yellowish appearance may appear on the teeth. On the front side, the upper and lower teeth begin to turn yellow and then black. Due to the staining problem, the teeth are damaged and with the appearance of a bad appearance, the person’s lack of self-confidence is the inevitable end Laminate Veneers in Turkey. 
    Therefore, the controls are carried out by passing through the dentist control. Firstly, porcelain coating is prepared. With this prepared coating, a natural appearance should be obtained. The surface part of the teeth is cleaned and the ground is prepared for the coating process by performing a slight abrasion process. It is of great importance that the veneer being prepared is glued to the surface of the tooth.

    Who can receive Laminate Veneers?

    In order for the procedure to be applicable, the patient must fulfil some conditions. Therefore, before the procedure, the patient’s suitability for the treatment is determined with the examinations and medical history information obtained. In such cases, it is determined how advantageous the result of the treatment is. For example; This procedure is not suitable for patients who clench their teeth during sleep at night Laminate Veneers in Turkey. 
    It cannot be applied as a result of nail biting and chronic discomfort. Patients who are suitable for the procedure are mostly suitable for people with crooked teeth or crooked teeth. Dental veneers are known as the right treatment method for the spacing problem in the teeth, yellowing of the colour of the teeth, and the elimination of most physical disorders in the teeth Laminate Veneers in Turkey.

    What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneers?

    – As in veneering procedures, it is carried out with the help of strong adhesives used in medical fields. Here, the coating is done correctly without the risk of falling or breaking. 
    – There is no darkening or yellowing of the teeth after the Laminate Veneers process. 
    – It has the feature that more than one Laminate Veneers can be made. 
    – After the treatment, you will have more natural and white teeth. 
    – It is known as the treatment method that is carried out here without damaging the natural tooth. It can be done easily because it does not disrupt the structure of the tooth.

    Laminate Veneers Usage Period

    Each treatment has its own lifetime. Here, too, the lifetime of the dental veneer treatment may vary. It is possible to extend the life of the Laminate Veneers  by following the instructions given by the specialist physician and paying attention to the situations to be avoided. The lifetime of the Laminate Veneers  is generally known as lifetime. However, if the patient is faced with problems, this will shorten the life of the treatment in a short time. Although years have passed, there is a situation to benefit from the advantages of treatment. It is possible to turn this into a lifelong treatment with regular brushing of the teeth after harmful foods such as tea, coffee and cigarettes Laminate Veneers in Turkey.

    How long is the treatment period of Laminate Veneers?

    The patient makes the right decision by applying for dental veneer treatment to obtain a more aesthetic appearance, which is made at the patient’s own request. Situations such as facial anatomy, tooth shape, mouth and gums should be taken into consideration. In this way, it is ensured that the coating process is performed in the correct and effective direction. Otherwise, the treatment will be nothing but disappointment Laminate Veneers in Turkey. 
    For this, it is absolutely necessary to carry out the treatment with the help of reliable and experienced specialists. Duration of treatment and the life of the treatment; It varies depending on the experience of the dentist. It is generally known as treatment with 2-3 sessions. In other words, this is limited to 7-10 days on average. If the patient does not have serious health problems or dental problems, the treatment is started and completed as soon as possible Laminate Veneers in Turkey.

    What is the Lifespan of Laminate Veneers?

    The effects of treatment methods may change over time. These changes may vary depending on the method used, the experience of the dentist or the issues that the patient should pay attention to after the procedure. It is known that the Laminate Veneers  treatment to be performed is lifelong. However, in some cases, unexpected problems may be encountered. 
    It is possible to shorten the life of the treatment by dealing with problems that do not pay attention to oral and dental health, do not fulfil the instructions given, and reduce the life of the dental coating. It is of great importance to strictly follow the instructions given in order to make the treatment last and to have healthier smiles. Otherwise, the life of the Laminate Veneers  will be shortened before long and problems will increase.

    Laminate Veneers Cost Turkey

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