Laser Dental Treatment

Dental Laser Treatment

Dental laser treatment has added a whole new dimension to modern day dentistry treatments . Laser applications, which have been used in the field of medicine for nearly 60 years, are also being used successfully in dentistry in the treatment of teeth with laser; dental implant treatment, dental fillings, canal treatments, removal of caries, drying of inflammations at the root end, gum shaping, all kinds of surgical procedures in the gums and jawbone are performed. In addition to all this, tooth color whitening, removal of sensitive teeth sensitivity, mouth ulcers and herpes treatments are performed thanks to laser dental treatment . Generally preferred in cases such as fear of pain and fear of tool sounds used in the normal procedure. This condition, called dental phobia, is destroyed by laser dental treatment. Because there is no contact with tooth surface in this treatment. Laser application is also applied in jawbone operations and bone removal procedures. After surgical intervention, the patient can continue his daily life comfortably. Laser dental treatment is a method that can be easily applied in pregnant women.

What is the Advantage of Dental Laser Treatment

Surgical interventions performed in the treatment of teeth with laser can be performed without bleeding and the healing time is much shorter. Laser tooth treatment saves time both during the operation and during the healing period.

In addition, it can be used on patients who are afraid of needles and injections, its also very useful as the application of anesthesia will be harmful for pregnant women, children and people with diseases such as heart disease.

Can Dental Laser Treatment be Applied to Children

Laser treatment can be used on children and it provides them with a safe place without pain or scary noises that make them cry during the sessions thus making it perfectly safe and it makes bringing them to dental treatments appointments a more easy job for the parents.


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