Nose Aesthetics

Nose Aesthetics

The aim of this surgical operation also known as rhinoplasty procedure is to correct the nasal disfigurement and to give the nose a new and more beautiful natural shape that is compatible with the face and fix the bone curvatures that prevent breathing, The aim of rhinoplasty surgery, which is mostly known as shrinking the nose, is to give the nose an aesthetic appearance.

Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Be sure to discuss your nasal shape problems and disliked areas of your nose and how much they can be fixed and what can and cannot be corrected. The availability of your postoperative expectations will be expressed by your doctor.

The way to get rid of postoperative frustration is by making good use of this period. While very large defects can be surgically corrected for you with a simple procedure, a very small detail can sometimes only be corrected with a difficult surgery.

What is the Purpose of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

There is two main reasons for a rhinoplasty, the first one is purely aesthetic and a lot of people don’t feel uncomfortable enough with their natural nose whether it’s the size or a curvature due to birth or some kind of accident they had and the second one is to make sure that the nose function correctly with no obstructions in the breathing pattern or the smelling sense

Surgery and Aftermath

Nose aesthetic surgeries are the most performed aesthetically oriented surgeries in the world. The duration of surgery is on average 2-3 hours. However, in special cases, this period may be longer.

Postoperative bruising and swelling vary according to the skin structure of the person, but it is seen at a much lesser rate than previous surgical techniques. A silicone buffer is placed in the nose that will stay in the nose for two or three days, which will not prevent you from breathing, and a small thermal spline is placed on the nose that will stay for 7-10 days.

After surgery, your nose will be swollen, these swellings will decrease by 95% in the first month, your nose will take its final shape after about six months and a year. In patients with thick skin, this period can take up to two years, so our patients with thick skin need to be more patient.


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