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    Zaren Health has been offering consultancy for the best rhinoplasty in Turkey for 10 years. Rhinoplasty, also called nose reshaping (or rhinoplasty), is one of the most preferred surgeries. The purpose of this operation is to provide the look of your dreams. In addition, if you have breathing problems (such as breathing difficulties), rhinoplasty is the perfect solution for you Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

    Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that involves reshaping the nose. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding rhinoplasty is about the nasal tip. Patients often inquire about the possibility of refining or reducing the size of the nasal tip to achieve a more symmetrical and balanced facial appearance. A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can perform various techniques to reshape and enhance the nasal tip, depending on the patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Here, we give detail information about rhinoplasty nose job Rhinoplasty in Turkey. 

    What is Rhinoplasty

    Nose aesthetics surgery’s, also known as rhinoplasty procedure, is to correct nasal disfigurement. And it gives the nose a new and more beautiful natural shape that is compatible with the face and fix the bone curvatures that prevent breathing. The aim of rhinoplasty surgery is to give the nose an aesthetic appearance. Also, it improves breathing in those who have breathing problems. This operation is performed by an expert plastic surgeon Rhinoplasty in Turkey. 

    How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

    Different surgical techniques are used during the rhinoplasty. These techniques differ according to;

    • The content of the aesthetic problem in the nose, 
    • The tissue characteristics of the nose,
    • The patient’s expectations from the surgery and the conditions such as sinusitis, intranasal curvatures or intranasal flesh growths that are planned to be intervened in the same surgery.

    In aesthetic nose surgeries, general anesthesia is preferred except in special cases and the duration of the operation lasts between 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the content of the intervention and the technique to be used. The duration of surgery may be longer in patients who have had previous nose surgery and in cases where the sinuses need to be intervened during surgery or cartilage pieces need to be removed from the ear or rib Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

    The basic principle of rhinoplasty is the separation of the nasal skin and the mucosa lining the inside of the nose from the bone and cartilage structures with the help of instruments applied through incisions made completely through the nose or a small part of it through the skin compartment between the two nostrils, and after the desired shape is given to the bone and cartilage structures of the nose using different techniques and technologies, the skin and mucosa are placed back in place. In aesthetic nose surgeries, no direct intervention is made to the skin covering the nose except in special cases Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

    Before Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetics) Surgery

    Before rhinoplasty surgery, you should explain your nasal shape problems and disliked areas of your nose. The availability of your post-operative expectations will be expressed by your doctor. The way to get rid of post-operative frustration is by making good use of this period. While significant defects can be surgically corrected for you with a simple procedure, a small detail can sometimes only be fixed with a complicated surgery Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

    The Purpose of Rhinoplasty Surgery

    There are two main reasons for rhinoplasty. Firstly, one is purely aesthetic and a lot of people don’t feel uncomfortable enough with their natural nose, whether it’s the size or curvature due to birth or some kind of accident they had and the second one is to make sure that the nose function correctly with no obstructions in the breathing pattern or the smelling sense.

    Types of rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty surgery is generally of two types. These are called open and closed rhinoplasty respectively. 

    Closed Rhinoplasty

    Closed rhinoplasty surgery is an operation technique in which nose surgeries are performed by entering only through the nostrils without opening the nose. Nose job  is a type of rhinoplasty surgery and can be performed to change the shape and size of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed with two different methods, closed and open. Of these, the closed rhinoplasty method is surgery and is performed with small incisions that cannot be seen from outside the nose.

    Open rhinoplasty

    Open nose surgery method, which is one of the classical methods of rhinoplasty, is a frequently preferred method for aesthetic interventions in nasal appearance. Open surgery technique is widely preferred by physicians as a primary option. In open nose surgery, i.e. open rhinoplasty, incisions covering the inner surface of the columella section are applied from the inside of the wings of the nose. With this method, the nasal skin is lifted from the back of the nose. 

    The combination of the skin mucosa on the anterior surface of the columella allows the nasal skin to be easily lifted. The intervention to be performed on the nose is applied after the skin is peeled off. The difference from closed nose surgery is that the oedema in the nose heals and disappears later. The incision scar, which is opened to a very small extent, disappears within an average of 6 months.

    Surgery and Aftermath

    Nose aesthetic surgeries are the most performed aesthetically oriented surgeries in the world. The duration of surgery is an average of 2-3 hours. But, in important cases, this period may be longer. Postoperative bruising and swelling vary according to the skin structure of the person, but it is seen at a much lesser rate than in previous surgical techniques. 
    A silicone buffer is placed in the nose that will stay in the nose for two or three days, which will not prevent you from breathing, and a small thermal spline is placed on the nose that will stay for 7-10 days. After surgery, your nose will be swollen, these swellings will decrease by 95% in the first month, and your nose will take its final shape after about six months and a year. In patients with thick skin, this period can take up to two years, so our patients with thick skin need to be more patient.

    Generally after the surgery, nose is swelling and bruising, and you may get dark bruises around your eyes. The swelling may get worse before it gets better. Most of the swelling should go away in 3 to 4 weeks. You will have some pain in your nose, and you may have a headache.

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    Rhinoplasty in Turkey Cost

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