Sinus Lift in Turkey


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    What is Sinus Lift Operation?  

    The air cavities in the skull, which have functions such as reducing our head weight and making sounds properly, are called sinuses. One of the sinuses, called maxillary sinus, is located in the areas adjacent to our molar and premolar teeth. Generally, when the teeth in the posterior region of the upper jaw (maxilla) are lost, the bone in the place of the extracted tooth melts and the distance between the sinus wall and the bone crest (crest crest – the top point of the jaw bone) shortens and there is not enough bone to implant in this area. The process of surgically raising the sinus floor in order to increase the decreasing amount of bone is called sinus lift Sinus Lift in Turkey.

    How Many Types of Sinus Lift?  

    There are 2 types of sinus lift methods: closed and open sinus lift. 
    Open sinus lift technique: It is the technique preferred in cases where the bone height is 3-4 mm and below and aims to form more bone. 
    Closed sinus stretching technique: It is the technique applied in cases where 5 mm and more bone height is found and at the same time allows the implant to be placed.

    How is open sinus lift performed?  

    Open sinus lift (sinus elevation, lifting) is a procedure performed in the dentist’s chair under local anaesthesia. The sinus area to be lifted is accessed through a small window opened through the gum in the mouth. After the sinus membrane covering the sinus is raised to the desired level, bone powder and grafting are applied to the created cavity and the area is closed with sutures. Sinus lifting is a painless procedure that takes about 45 minutes under local anaesthesia. In cases with sufficient bone volume, implants can be applied in the same session and this process extends the time by 10-15 minutes Sinus Lift in Turkey.

    How is Closed Sinus Lift Performed?

    Closed sinus lift technique is applied in cases where the bone height in the jawbone is 4-5 mm or less. Under local anaesthesia, the sinus is raised by breaking the sinus floor with special tools called osteotomes and bone powder is placed in this cavity. Today, this technique can be applied more safely by using a device called magnetic malet instead of osteotome. In fact, thanks to this new device, magnetic malet, the closed technique can be applied even in bone thicknesses of 2-3 mm. Usually, implants are placed at the same time with this surgery. The treatment process can be shortened by 6 months with the closed sinus lift operation, which allows implants to be placed at the same time Sinus Lift in Turkey.

    What should I pay attention to sinus lift?  

    – Since sinus lift surgery is a very sensitive and more complicated treatment than implant surgery, patients should take special care after this operation. 
    – Patients are advised not to smoke for at least 10 days, avoid sneezing and coughing and never close their mouths during this period. 
    – After the operation, running, sports that strain the breath such as football, volleyball and dancing should be avoided. 
    – Diving sports and flying in aeroplanes should be avoided for at least 1 month as it will cause pressure in the sinuses. 
    – Attention should be paid to oral hygiene, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the operation area. Straws should not be used in liquid drinks. 
    – For 24 hours, spitting function should not be performed. This function will create negative pressure and cause bleeding. 
    – After sinus lift, it is recommended that the patient should not blow his nose violently and should not take water into his nose. 
    – Extreme heat and direct sun should be avoided. – Teeth can be brushed 24 hours after the operation.

    How Long after Sinus Lift Can Implants Be Done?  

    Implants can be placed during the sinus lift operation, or implant placement can be performed in a separate operation 3-6 months after the sinus lift operation. This choice is determined by the amount of bone lost as a result of detailed examination, the amount of bone placed, the technique of sinus lift surgery, the length of the area to be loaded, the number, length and diameter of the implants Sinus Lift in Turkey.

    Sinus lift Cost in Turkey

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