Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Healthy and white teeth are an element of great aesthetic importance in our society. Teeth whitening procedures are applied to patients to get whiter teeth instantly, in recent years this procedure started  being used all around the world by dentists and it’s the process of removing colored, organic and inorganic substances formed on the surface of the teeth with teeth whitening gels.

Why do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness?

Structural disorders that occur during the formation of teeth in childhood, some antibiotics, food and beverages consumed in daily life (dyeing substances such as cigarettes, tea and coffee) and the amount of fluorine in the drinking waters can color the teeth.

This color change in the teeth is divided into two parts:

Inner coloration: They are spots that have penetrated into the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing. Structural disorders that occur during the formation of teeth (depending on medications or due to excessive fluorine intake, etc.) also fall into this class. Whitening is very successful in the majority of such cases.

Outer Coloration: They are colorations that stick to the tooth surface from some dyeing foods such as cigarettes, tea, coffee and cola. It is mostly possible to clean the gums and then get rid of these stains.

Different colorations require different treatments. Therefore, it is best for your dentist to decide what type of treatment should be performed.

Whitening methods

Teeth whitening methods are divided into two different types according to the application technique:

Power Bleaching performed in an hour in an office environment; It is the fastest, reliable and effective whitening system consisting of whitening gel and light, which can change the teeth color in a short time.

Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching); it is a whitening process performed by placing gels in plastic mouthpieces prepared for the person with a simple measure taken from the mouth. On average, the desired whitening is provided in 5-7 days. It is necessary to install it for 4-8 hours a day (may vary depending on color and gel).


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