Teeth Whitening in Turkey


    Teeth whitening in Turkey has become the most popular method to solve tooth discolouration. With Zaren Health, you can get the best teeth whitening procedure in Turkey. All you need to do for this dental operation is to contact Zaren Health, the best health consultant in Turkey.

    What is Teeth Whitening? 

    Healthy and white teeth are a factor of great importance in terms of appearance and aesthetics. Teeth whitening procedures applied to have white teeth are among the treatments frequently applied by dentists in recent years. Teeth undergo discoloration due to external or internal factors. Whitening is a process that involves lightening the colors of these discolored teeth by using chemical agents. The aim of this procedure is to reduce the shade of discoloration on the teeth and achieve a brighter, more white appearance for the tooth color Teeth Whitening in Turkey.

    Which Methods are used in Teeth Whitening? 

    Prior to undergoing the teeth whitening procedure, it’s important for the patient to have their teeth professionally cleaned in order to achieve optimal results. Teeth whitening, also known as tooth bleaching, involves altering the current color of the teeth to a whiter shade. Over time, teeth may become discolored due to genetics or dietary habits, resulting in a yellow or darker appearance. Teeth whitening can performed on all healthy teeth, including those that have undergone root canal treatment. Whether teeth whitening is done in-office or at home under the supervision of a dentist is determined based on the specific factors causing discoloration and in consultation with the patient Teeth Whitening in Turkey.

    What are the Steps of Teeth Whitening Turkey? 

    Teeth whitening in Turkey is divided into 3 different groups. These are; barrier, agent and light applications Teeth Whitening in Turkey. 

    Barrier application: Due to the oxidizing properties of the chemical agent used in whitening live teeth, it starts with the application of a barrier to these areas in order to protect the gums. 
    Agent Application: After the preparation of the chemical agent (such as, Carbamide peroxide), sufficient amounts of the agent are applied to the tooth surfaces. 
    Light Application: After protective glasses are applied to the patient, light is applied to the teeth with special light devices to reach the desired color of the teeth.

    Is teeth whitening a Painful Operation? 

    The most feared nightmare of those who want to have teeth whitening is to find out whether they will experience pain during the teeth whitening treatment. It is not expected to experience pain during teeth whitening. It is rare to have sensitivity that can be cut with painkillers in the 24 hours after the procedure Teeth Whitening in Turkey.

    Does teeth whitening damage teeth?

    Happy and healthy smiles are the dream of many people. Teeth whitening does not harm the teeth when applied under professional conditions. However, this process is technically sensitive and it is important that it is applied by specialists under the right conditions.

    Is teeth whitening permanent or temporary?

    After whitening, teeth color again after exposure to coloring foods. In this case, it is important to avoid coloring foods as much as possible after whitening. Low exposure to these foods during the first 3 weeks, which is the critical threshold, is effective in maintaining the effectiveness of the whitening process for longer periods of time. Individuals who undergo teeth whitening treatment should pay attention to the first week. They should avoid drinking and eating excessively cold or hot foods and beverages in the first week after a teeth whitening treatment.

    Can Teeth be whitened by brushing? 

    Ensuring good dental health is crucial, and tooth discoloration caused by food can be partly removed through brushing. However, using whitening by-products excessively during brushing can lead to lasting damage to the teeth. To maintain dental health and cleanliness, it is advisable to brush teeth twice daily, making sure that the toothbrush reaches every part of the tooth without pressing too hard on the gums.

    Teeth Whitening Turkey Price

    The method applied in whitening, the quality of the material used and the type of discoloration are among the factors that affect pricing. It is not correct for the dentist to make pricing without looking at the teeth to be applied. You, too, can be performed this operation. Contact Zaren ​Health and get more information about teeth whitening Turkey price.  

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