Thigh Lift

What is thigh lift?

This operation is performed to eliminate the problem of prolonged sagging of the skin in the thigh area of the body by the effect of overweight gain or advancing age.

Why is it done?

This operation is performed to address the problem of loosening and sagging skin in the thigh area of the body caused by excess weight gain and loss or aging.

What is thigh sagging? Why does it occur?

The skin loses its elasticity with aging as well as its tightness with excess weight gain and loss and the subcutaneous adipose tissue thins, which all cause the leg skin particularly in inner thigh to droop downward. Dropping skin folds usually accumulate toward mid-thigh and sometimes toward the knee.

How is thigh lift performed?

Thigh lift surgery removes excess skin folds and fattening in upper and inner sides of legs. In thin patients with minor excess skin folds, excess skin is removed, and the skin is stretched and sutured, leaving a flat scar on the inner sides of groin. In patients with high excess skin folds and fattening, it is applied together with liposuction method.

How long does thigh lift operation take?

It varies according to the body condition of the patient. Thigh lift surgery usually takes about 2-3 hours.

Is thigh lift a painful procedure?

Thigh lift surgery does not result in severe pains. Any aches and pains in the first few days can be resolved with simple painkillers.

Type of Anesthesia

Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery Process

You’ll have no severe pains after surgery. You might have mild pains, which can be controlled with painkillers.

You can stand up the same day and you only need to stay overnight at the hospital.

You can have a bath on day 2 or 3 after surgery.

After having a thigh lift surgery, you might have mild bruising and swelling in inner surface of your legs, which are expected to resolve completely after about several weeks.

You can resume work after about one week after surgery.

Does thigh lift operation give permanent results?

The results of the thigh stretch surgery are permanent, except in the following cases:

If you continue to lose weight, sagging pockets on the skin will continue to form.

If you’re likely to gain and lose weight quickly, the already thinned skin will be exposed to more stretching and accordingly, the skin stretch marks and large scars will become visible

Is there any age limit about this operation?

Adults of all ages without any risky medical condition whose weight loss has become stable and who has realistic expectations from body reshaping operation can have this operation.

Can I do sports after surgery?

About one month after surgery, you can start doing sports.

Does the leg sag again after surgery?

If you gain and lose excessive weight and fail to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be likely to have sagging in leg skin again.

When can I resume work after surgery?

You can resume work one week after the surgery.



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