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Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty)


    In Turkey, tummy tuck ranks at the top of plastic surgery. Because most people are interested in maintaining their attractive appearance. Zaren Health has expert surgeons who successfully perform tummy tuck surgery. Also, the cost of tummy tuck surgery is usually more affordable compared to other countries. You can have the best tummy tuck surgery in consultation with Zaren Health.

    All your questions about ​​abdominoplasty surgery in Turkey are included in this article. Full abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck,  is one of the treatment methods. This method have started to be applied as a result of the developments in medicine in recent years. It is for individuals with excess fat, excess skin, sagging and similar problems in the abdominal area for various reasons Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    It can be seen in both gender. However, it is ensured that the looseness and sagging in the abdominal area. And, it is frequently seen especially in women and after pregnancy. ​Aesthetic surgery methods apply a simple operation to stretch and give a smooth appearance to the abdomen during abdominoplasty. In this way, abdominoplasty operation eliminates the sagging skin appearance and remove excess fat. Also, it flattes the abdominal area, especially the stretch marks under the belly button are eliminated. Zaren ​Health where you can have tummy tuck surgery in Turkey is waiting for you Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    What is Tummy Tuck Surgery 

    Tummy tuck surgery, also called abdominoplasty, is a type of plastic surgery operation. It is a most effective method in the fields of abdominal and belly aesthetics. Especially after pregnancy, the muscles and skin in the abdominal area cannot fully return to their old form. Abdominoplasty also helps strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall, which are dramatically separated after giving birth.  As a result, deformations occur in the abdominal area and the sagging belly causes an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. ​The level of deformation is much higher in pregnancies that result in more than the required weight gain. It is also higher in women who have given birth more than twice Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    After pregnancy, the connective tissue in the abdominal wall loosens. This leads to the protrusion of the abdominal wall forward, the appearance of bloating in the abdomen, abundance, and stretch marks, creating an undesirable appearance. ​Eliminating this appearance is often not possible with self-administered methods such as sports and diet. Restoring the abdominal area to its former appearance requires other interventions Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    I​n tummy tuck surgery, the loosened and sagging abdominal skin is recovered and the excess fat concentrated in this area is removed. This single operation allows the person to have a flat abdomen in a short time, solving the problem. As with any operation, there are some complication risks that may occur after tummy tuck. Bleeding and infection are the most important ones.​ After surgery, medications prescribed by the physician should be used. In addition, it is important to avoid sudden movements and regularly renew dressings Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    How is​ Abdominoplasty Performed?

    In tummy tuck surgery, the physician decides the area where the skin will be removed and other issues based on a detailed examination and examination of radiological images. The technique is then applied accordingly. ​The surgeon removes the sagging and cracked skin in the area up to the belly button, which is typically referred to as the level of the cesarean scar to the sides. Then, they stretch the skin above the belly button downwards. The belly button is also reconstructed in order to bring it into the appropriate position Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty). 

    If you’re dealing with a drooping belly or loose skin, and you also have too much fat, we can remove the extra fat from your stomach area through a procedure known as liposuction. To tighten any slack stomach muscles, we use special stitches called retractor sutures on the layers of your abdominal wall, making them firm again. When the surgery is complete, we use cosmetic stitches to close the cuts, reducing the chance of unpleasant-looking scars. This operation effectively tackles issues such as a sagging abdomen, loose skin, and stretch marks, which are often caused by pregnancy or significant fluctuations in weight. However, it’s important to note that these issues might reappear if you get pregnant and give birth after the operation Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    The Process of Abdominoplasty

    The way a tummy tuck operation is done depends on what each person needs. The doctor will decide this after a careful check-up and looking at x-ray images. This surgery usually means taking off loose skin that has stretch marks, pulling tight the skin above the belly button, and making the belly button look nice again. If there’s a lot of extra fat, the doctor might do liposuction to get rid of it Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    Duration of Tummy Tuck Surgery

    The time it takes to do a tummy tuck surgery can change based on the person and what they need. A full tummy tuck usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours. But a smaller tummy tuck, which only focuses on a less big area, might only take around 1 to 1.5 hours Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    How Long Does A Tummy Tuck Surgery Take?

    The time it takes to do a tummy tuck operation can change from person to person. A full tummy tuck, also known as a total abdominoplasty, often lasts between 3 to 3.5 hours. But if someone has a bigger belly, the surgery might take as long as 4 hours. There’s also a shorter kind of tummy tuck called a mini abdominoplasty. This is for people who have loose or sagging skin and doesn’t cover as big of an area as the full tummy tuck. This quicker operation usually finishes in just 1 to 1.5 hours Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    The time it takes for the surgery can change based on a few things. These include how much extra skin there is in the belly area, if fat will be taken out, the size of the belly area, how the stitches will be put in, and the strength of the belly muscles. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and must be performed in a hospital environment with appropriate conditions and equipment Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery Time

    After a tummy tuck procedure, patients typically leave the hospital within 1-2 days based on their surgical circumstances. Doctors usually advise wearing a unique, supportive garment following the surgery. This garment, worn for about a month, assists the stomach area in achieving the desired shape and boosts the surgery’s effectiveness. About 3-4 hours post-surgery, patients can usually stand and walk with the support of a loved one, and by the next day, they should be able to walk slowly on their own. Experiencing pain due to the surgical procedures and stitches in the stomach area is expected for some time, but your doctor will provide the necessary pain relief Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    You can have a bath around two to three days after your surgery and by this time, you should also feel okay to manage your everyday tasks by yourself. In the first week, try to avoid actions like coughing, sneezing, and pushing too hard because your stitches might not be completely healed. If these actions are too strong, they could harm your stitches. If your job doesn’t require heavy lifting or strenuous activity, you might be able to go back to work in roughly seven to ten weeks. This can vary based on what your doctor suggests and how well you feel Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    This content applies to complete tummy tuck procedures. While the healing time for mini tummy tuck operations used for less serious issues is shorter, people can usually get back to their everyday activities in about 3 to 4 days Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    Pregnancy after Tummy Tuck Surgery

    Many people interested in getting a tummy tuck wonder if future pregnancies could lead to problems after the surgery. To clarify, a tummy tuck does not interfere with pregnancy or cause any issues while expecting. When a woman who’s had a tummy tuck should get pregnant is typically linked to how long it takes her body to heal from the surgery. It’s best for a doctor to make this decision as they can best gauge your readiness. Another common question is how long should a new mom wait after childbirth before considering a tummy tuck. Usually, it’s recommended to wait for about a year after giving birth before scheduling this procedure Tummy Tuck in Turkey (Abdominoplasty).

    In this phase, moms can shed as much weight as they can through a balanced diet, breastfeeding, and regular workouts. It’s also a time to figure out how much the skin has stretched and sagged. After one year from giving birth, moms who don’t want any more kids and wish to make their tummy area firmer can consider talking to an expert about surgery. However, moms who have had a tummy tuck might see more sagging and stretch marks after having another baby. So, if they’re thinking about having another baby, it would be best to hold off on the surgery for some time.

    Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, is a medical procedure suitable for patients who are generally in good health. It’s best for those whose youngest child is at least a year old, who aren’t considering having more children, who haven’t had significant surgeries in the belly area before, and who have been evaluated and approved for the surgery by a doctor.

    If you’re bothered by issues like drooping, stretch marks, or laxity in your tummy area, you can reach out to Zaren ​Health. Here, you’ll undergo necessary evaluations and tests. If your doctor believes it’s suitable, you can then start making plans for your tummy tuck procedure.

    Pay Attention to After Abdominoplasty

    After undergoing abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, it is crucial to carefully follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and achieve optimal results. These instructions may include wound care guidelines, medication schedules, activity restrictions, and follow-up appointments. It is important to note that stop smoking during the recovery period, as it can impede the healing process and increase the risk of complications. By adhering to these instructions, including refraining from smoking, you can minimize complications, promote healing, and enhance the overall outcome of the procedure.

    Compression Garment after Abdominoplasty

    Wearing a compression garment after undergoing an abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is recommended by surgeons during the recovery period. The purpose of a compression garment is to provide support, compression, and stabilization to the surgical area. It helps reduce swelling, improve circulation, enhance comfort, contour and shape the treated area, and manage scar appearance. Following your surgeon’s instructions on when and how long to wear the compression garment is crucial for optimal healing and aesthetic outcomes.

    Tummy Tuck in Turkey Cost

    If you are asking yourself a question like how much is tummy tuck surgery in Turkey, you are in the right place. Tummy tuck surgery prices vary greatly from clinic to clinic. However, what is important in this process is quality and trust. At this point, let me introduce Zaren ​Health. For 10 years, Zaren​ Health, which has been providing quality service in many health services, has many specialist doctors. These doctors, who have successfully performed many aesthetic surgeries, will ensure that your tummy tuck surgery will be very comfortable and comfortable.

    Abdominoplasty at Zaren ​Health

    There are many clinics in istanbul, and many cosmetic surgery. Zaren ​Health is one of best health counselor in Turkey  and plastic surgeons in Turkey. To get more information about the average gastric sleeve, belly liposuction, loose skin surgery cost and tummy tuck cost in Turkey, you can simply get in contact with us through the online consultation form.

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