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Needle Free Hair Transplant


    Needle free hair transplant in Turkey is highly preferred recently. This transplant method has many advantages. Zaren Health, the most important address of needle-free hair transplantation in Turkey, offers you permanent solutions.

    What is Needle Free Hair Transplant?

    Today, many people are exposed to factors such as intense stress, polluted air, intense work pace, genetically modified foods, etc. Some patients may experience intense hair loss due to their genetics or because they are exposed to all these negative factors Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.
    Many people with baldness and thinning hair resort to hair transplant for their treatment. However, some patients are very afraid of the local anesthesia procedure performed with a needle during hair transplantation. Therefore, they postpone the hair transplantation procedure they have always thought of having Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.

    Fear of needle causes patients to avoid their treatment. In Zaren clinic, we have a treatment method with the latest invention techniques. Needle-free hair transplantation is performed for our patients who are afraid of needles or for our patients who want transplantation with this method. In the needle-free hair transplantation method, a different way is followed from the anesthesia methods generally followed Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.

    How is Needle Free Hair Transplant Performed?

    Needles are generally used in normal hair transplantation procedures. Needle-free hair transplantation has recently become more preferred due to the fear of needle use by some patients and the fact that needle-free hair transplantation is more advantageous. Needle-free hair transplant operation is performed with microsurgical methods. With this method, most of the hair transplantation procedures such as Fue and DHI are performed Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.
    In the needle-free hair transplantation method, a special tool is used for local anesthesia during the operation. Hair transplantation is performed with different tools such as implanters to transplant the follicles taken from the donor area of the patient who is locally anesthetized.Needle free hair transplant in Turkey Hair transplantation is also performed by using laser for the patients who want it. The patient is not intervened with any needle during the operation. Every patient who is afraid of needles can have hair transplantation with peace of mind thanks to this method Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.

    Where are roots taken From in Needle free hair transplant?

    We make a general observation during the first examination of our patients who apply for hair transplantation treatment. Then, after the preliminary examination, we analyze the hair by looking at the hair problems the person has. A good hair analysis greatly increases the success rate of the hair transplantation process. By looking at where there is hair loss and thinning in the patient’s hair, it is determined in which parts the healthy follicles are located Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.
    The healthiest hair follicles are collected in sufficient numbers and used for hair transplantation. While in the normal method, hair follicles are collected with the help of a needle, in this new method, the necessary hair follicles can be collected from the patient without a needle. For this, the donor area where the follicles will be taken is first determined. Then the patient’s hair is shaved and this area is carefully marked. The specialist applies local anesthesia to the marked area.
    From the part numbed with local anesthesia, the specialist carefully collects the grafts. The grafts collected in sufficient number are carefully transplanted one by one to the patient’s hair area to be transplanted. The fact that no needle is used in these transplantation and collection procedures is one of the most important features of this technique Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.

    How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation with Needle-Free A nesthe sia Take?

    Needle-free anesthesia hair transplant procedures may vary in duration depending on how many follicles will be collected and transplanted by the patient and the method and skill of the specialist. In general, needle-free hair implants with anesthesia can take between 4 and 8 hours. In the needle-free anesthesia method, local anesthesia can be administered to patients by spraying. In this way, the patient who is anesthetized is numb as the anesthetic substance enters under the skin and the patient does not feel anything during the procedure. Anesthesia using a needle is no different from anesthesia without a needle. They both function as the same local anesthesia Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.

    What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation with Needle-Free Anesthesia?

    Although there are many benefits of needle-free anesthesia hair transplantation, the biggest benefit it provides to the patient is undoubtedly that it relieves the fear of the individual who is afraid of needles and offers an alternative solution. Some patients with needle anesthesia state that they feel pain or feel very tense when the anesthetic is administered. Some patients complain that the needle insertion hurts them a lot. Needle-free anesthesia saves the patient from all these complaints Needle free hair transplant in Turkey.

    Another advantage is that the anesthetic drug is administered to the patient’s head area, preventing unnecessary punctures. In the hair transplantation process with needle-free anesthesia, since the anesthetic is given to the patient by spraying, the patient is significantly prevented from being exposed to excessive amounts of anesthetic. In addition, this method reduces the risk of infection by preventing the patient from applying an extra needle to the patient.

    How is the recovery process in Hair Transplant with Needle-Free Anesthesia?

    Since there is no needle intervention to the patient in the hair transplantation procedure performed with needle-free anesthesia, the recovery process is faster compared to classical hair transplantation applications. After this operation, scabs and wounds are less common on the treated parts of the patient. The fact that the patient undergoes hair transplantation with needle-free anesthesia contributes to a faster recovery process.

    Needle Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

    You can have needle free hair Transplant in Turkey consists of basic steps. 

    1. Zaren Health provides you with free online consultation to make your hair transplant plan.
    2. In line with the plan, you can choose the best Turkey hair transplant package in Zaren Health.
    3. After choosing your hair transplant package, you can plan your visit to Turkey.
    4. Finally, you can have the best hair transplant services in Turkey with Zaren Health.

    Proven Needle Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

    Zaren Health, one of the best clinics in Turket, guarantees permanent hair restoration. One of the best treatments for someone suffering from hair loss is hair transplantation.

    Turkey is a leader in hair transplant and is considered the best destination for the procedure. This is due to their highly skilled surgeons and favorable all-inclusive packages at affordable costs.

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