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Rhinoplasty in Istanbul


    There are many people who want to get rhinoplasty in Istanbul. So, nose job in Istanbul has become the most interesting topic. The nose surgery Istanbul is the best in terms of cost and quality. The nose is the most circular area in the face. Therefore, everybody pays attention to its appearance. There are many nose shapes. A person desires one of them according to face shape. For that, a person chooses to have a surgical operation. Here, we investigate rhinoplasty in Istanbul in all detail. What is it, how is it performed, what is the cost of rhinoplasty in Istanbul, and the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Istanbul? In summary, All of the answers are here.

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    Where is Istanbul?

    First of all, we begin to introduce Istanbul, and why people should prefer Istanbul for having rhinoplasty. Istanbul is a second capital city in Turkey. Both history and culture, Istanbul is one of the best unique places in the world. With thounds of the years history, Istanbul is also historical city. Recently, people have come this city to have any operation with developing health tourism in Turkey. Thus, people can get the high-quality operation and most affordable cost, as they come to Istanbul. Also, they travel in the city, benefit from its features.

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a surgical operation. This operation aims to shape the nose. There are many reasons to have this operation. However, we can say two main different reasons: health and aesthetics. Health reasons result especially from bone structure. This causes breath problems. So, those who have this problem should perform nose operation Istanbul. However, today people generally prefer to second, or aesthetics.

    The nose is in the middle of the face. So, its look is quite important for a person. The correction of the nose is a basic process. Also, this is deviated cartilage and bone. That avoids the person’s breath.

    The Types of Nose Job Istanbul

    There are various methods for nose surgery in Istanbul. All of these are available in Istanbul. We briefly say them, and there are five different methods;

    -Revision Rhinoplasty

    -Closed Rhinoplasty

    -Ethnic Rhinoplasty

    -Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

    -Nose Filler Rhinoplasty

    You can get the best of these methods above in Istanbul. Let’s look at depth all of these. Thus, you can choose the most suitable operation for you.

    Closed Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

    There are two types of rhinoplasty, depending on how it’s performed. Open and closed rhinoplasty. There are main differences between them. But we explain closed nose job here. Because most people prefer closed technique due to some reasons.

    What is Closed Nose Job?

    Simply put, if there are no surgery incision on nose area, the operation is closed rhinoplasty. All of the operations incision is inside of nose in closed rhinoplasty. Also, in a closed rhinoplasty Istanbul, our surgeons place carefully the incisions inside the nose to ensure that there are no visible scars after surgery.

    Once these internal incisions are made, the surgeon gains access to the underlying nasal structure through them. However, it’s important to note that this approach may provide the surgeon with somewhat limited visibility of the nasal structure compared to open rhinoplasty.

    Ethnic Rhinoplasty Istanbul 

    Among the types of rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty Istanbul is one of the most carefully operation. Because many people fear losing their ethnic appearance. People are diverse ethnic groups. Nose is the most mark to someone ethnic identity. During history, people nose is shaped by geographic conditions. Therefore, many nose types occur. Today people pay attention to their ethnic appearance. So, when performing rhinoplasty, people ensure to not disaffirm their look.

    Ethnic rhinoplasty is a delicate procedure among the various types of rhinoplasty. This is because many individuals are concerned about losing their ethnic appearance, which is closely tied to their identity. People belong to diverse ethnic groups, and the nose is a significant marker of one’s ethnic identity. Throughout history, the shape of people’s noses has been influenced by geographic conditions, resulting in a wide range of nose types. Today, people are increasingly concerned with their ethnic appearance. Therefore, when undergoing rhinoplasty, they take care not to alter their appearance.

    Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Istanbul

    Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is one of the most advanced rhinoplasty operations. Also, surgeons use a device for correcting nose shape in this operation. This device name is Piezo. While this device correct nose shape, it doesn’t harm the nose of the internal and external structure.

    Traditional rhinoplasty techniques, relying on a surgical hammer and chisel, have remained largely unchanged for more than a century. These conventional methods often resulted in secondary trauma to adjacent tissues. Even when performed by highly skilled surgeons, abnormal fracture patterns and unintended outcomes were sometimes experienced during bone manipulation. However, the recent advent of the piezo device has significantly mitigated these issues in surgeries where this technology is employed.

    The benefit of the piezo device contrast to traditional rhinoplasty reduce occurring bleeding and trauma. Thus, patient recover shortly after the operations. At Zaren Health you can find the best ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Istanbul.

    The Benefits of Piezo Ultrasonic Nose Job Istanbul

    Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty offers several benefits compared to traditional methods, which can be summarized as:

    • Minimized soft tissue trauma, leading to rare occurrences of post-operative bruising and swelling.
    • Enhanced precision in shaping and filing, allowing for millimeter-accurate crafting of the nasal bone and overall nose shape.
    • A smoother transition from the nose bridge to the tip, resembling a pencil-like contour.
    • Prevention of uncontrolled bone fractures during surgery, reducing the risk of deformities and contour irregularities.
    • Faster post-operative recovery due to minimal damage to surrounding soft tissue, blood vessels, and cartilage, enabling patients to resume daily activities sooner with typically less post-operative pain.
    • Increased patient satisfaction.
    • Lowered rates of complications and reduced need for revision surgeries post-rhinoplasty.

    Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty significantly enhances both the surgeon’s ability to achieve desired aesthetic outcomes and the patient’s comfort. Zaren Health is a pioneer in using this technique in Istanbul. There has successfully combined. Because, they have unique rhinoplasty approach with the piezo ultrasonic bone shaping device in over 2000 nasal surgeries. Moreover, for more information and to schedule appointments, you are welcome to call or message us via WhatsApp.

    Nose Filler Istanbul

    Nose filler is one of the other nose job surgery. The surgeons perform this surgery by using injectable fillers. With the fillers, doctors can successfully refine and reshape nose. Also, this process is painless. Also, it’s cost affordable compare to traditional rhinoplasty operation. Moreover, if you get nose filler operation in Istanbul, you pay more affordable costç

    It is take a ten-twenty minutes that the surgeon performs the surgery. So, sometimes people say this operation “10-minute nose job”. However, there are a few problem with this operation. Issues such as bumps or indentations on the nose bridge, crooked noses, wide nostrils, pinched or bum-shaped nasal tips, and columellas that are either retracted or excessively low-hanging.

    Revision Rhinoplasty Istanbul 

    Revision rhinoplasty, also known as corrective nasal surgery, is a surgical operation. Surgeons perform this operation after an unhappy rhinoplasty. That is, if you aren’t satisfied with your nose job results, you should get a revision rhinoplasty operation.

    There are several debates in terms of the terminology of the operation. Some say that the same doctor performs this operation. However, others say different doctors perform it.

    Unfortunately, some don’t like their rhinoplasty operations results. In this situation, experts can perform rhinoplasty again.

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    Istanbul Rhinoplasty Before and After

    In Istanbul rhinoplasty is the best option for you. There are many clinics. However, if we look at high-quality and best offer, we will see Zaren Health. You can see Zaren Health patients before and after rhinoplasty in Istanbul operation.

    The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Istanbul

    Everybody wonder the best rhinoplasty surgeon Istanbul. The answer of the question may difficult. Because there are many reason choosing to the best clinic. So, where should we pay attention to choose a reputable clinic, or surgeon. There are the most important reasons as follow,

    1. ResearchOnline Research and ReviewsSearch for surgeons on medical directories, read patient reviews and testimonials.
    2. Check CredentialsQualifications and ExperienceVerify board certification, specialized training, and experience in rhinoplasty.
    3. Portfolio ReviewBefore and After PhotosRequest surgeon’s portfolio, compare results for similar nasal features.
    4. Schedule ConsultationsAppointments and QuestionsSet up consultations, prepare a list of questions about the procedure.
    5. Assess InteractionCommunication and ComfortEvaluate how the surgeon listens and responds, ensure comfort with their approach.
    6. Facility and StaffInspection and ObservationCheck clinic’s equipment and hygiene, observe the professionalism of the staff.
    7. Cost and LogisticsFinancial Planning and ArrangementsInquire about all costs, plan accommodation and post-operative care if traveling.
    8. Decision MakingWeighing OptionsConsider all information, make an informed choice based on confidence and comfort.
    9. Pre-Operative PreparationInstructions and Care PlanningFollow pre-surgery guidelines, arrange for assistance and care post-surgery.
    10. Post-Surgery Follow-upAppointments and LifestyleAttend all follow-up meetings, maintain a healthy lifestyle for recovery.

    This table provides a structured guide to finding and preparing for rhinoplasty surgery with the best surgeon in Istanbul. While you choose rhinoplasty surgeon Istanbul, you should pay attention to above requirements. Thus, you can get the most comfortable nose operation Istanbul

    Nose Job Istanbul Price

    The rhinoplasty Istanbul price is most affordable compares to others countries. Because of cheap living cost and other reasons, you can affordably get nose job Istanbul price. Its prices are why should you choose to perform this operation in Istanbul. First we look at nose job prices in other countries.

    Rhinoplasty in Other Countries

    CountryMinimum Price (USD)Maximum Price (USD)

    As you see above, rhinoplasty cost is most expensive other countries. However, the cost of rhinoplasty in Istanbul is very affordable. Nose job price in Istanbul may vary 3000-5000.

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