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Blepharoplasty Turkey


    Blepharoplasty Turkey is very affordable and high quality for you. You can have the best eyelid surgery in Turkey through Zaren ​Health. Over the years, the upper and lower eyelids of the human face begin to sag and wrinkles or bagging develop on the lower eyelids, making the person look tired, unhappy and older than they are. This condition can also cause vision problems by distorting the angle of vision.

    The Best Blepharoplasty Before and After Turkey

    Zaren ​Health has been the best health counselor in Turkey for plastic surgery for 10 years. So far, many patients are ​satisfied with Zaren ​Health . Zaren ​Health is number one, especially in facial surgery operations. You can see the blepharoplasty  results of our patients here Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    In the realm of cosmetic surgeries, Turkey stands out as a top-notch destination for eye lift surgery, including types such as upper eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery. The surgery procedure, performed under general anesthesia, is meticulously executed by expert surgeons in Turkey who specialize in addressing sagging upper eyelids and creating a natural crease in the eyelid.


    These surgeries not only revitalize the eyes but also offer an effective solution to patients seeking a lift for their drooping eyelids. Turkey’s adeptness in these lift surgeries, including both aesthetic and functional procedures, has placed it prominently on the global map for cosmetic interventions. There are many types of eyelid surgeries in Turkey. Also, you can find affordable prices them Blepharoplasty Turkey. 

    What is Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Aesthetics

    Blepharoplasty is the name given to operations performed to eliminate deformations such as sagging, loosening, and bagging that occur for any reason in the upper and lower eyelids. Among the factors that cause problems in the eyelids are genetic factors, age, smoking, alcohol addiction, impaired sleep patterns, frequent crying, and long-term use of antidepressant-derived drugs.
    Blepharoplasty operations may vary depending on many reasons. Genetic problems can be operated on after the twenties, and age-related problems from the thirties. In children with congenital functional eyelid problems, surgery should be performed until the age of six Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    Why to perform Blepharoplasty

    Eyelid aesthetics or blepharoplasty is a set of surgical applications applied to the upper and lower eyelids performed by a plastic surgeon to remove sagging skin and excess muscle tissue and tighten the tissues around the eyes Blepharoplasty Turkey.
    With the advancement of age, sagging of the skin naturally occurs with the effect of gravity. In parallel with this process, findings such as bagging, loose skin, discoloration, loosening, and wrinkles appear on the eyelids. Factors (exposure to sunlight, air pollution, irregular sleep, excessive smoking, and using alcohol) accelerate the sagging of the skin.

    What are the signs of eyelid aging? 

    The skin has an elastic structure in general. But as it ages, its elasticity gradually decreases. As a result of the loss of elasticity in the facial skin, excess skin is first collected on the eyelids. Therefore, the first signs of aging appear on the eyelids. Age-related changes in the eyelids cause a tired, dull, and older appearance. Some of the marks of aging are seen on the upper and lower eyelids;

    • Bagging and discoloration under the eyes 
    • Upper eyelid ptosis
    • Wrinkles and sagging eyelid skin
    • Crow’s feet lines in the corners of the eyes
    • It can be listed as a tired facial expression.

    Abundant skin on the eyelids causes drooping of the upper eyelid. This drooping can sometimes be too much to prevent vision. In this case, it is essential to treat this condition functionally. Sometimes drooping eyebrows and forehead also accompany drooping eyelids. In this case, there is an aesthetically worse appearance Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    At what age is blepharoplasty performed?

    Eyelid aesthetics are generally performed by individuals over the age of 35. Because signs of aging on the eyelids often begin to be seen after this age. However, it is possible for anyone who needs it medically to have it done at any age. The surgery cannot stop the ongoing aging of the eyelids, but it maintains its effect for 7-8 years. After the surgery, the tired facial expression of the person is replaced by a lively and serene appearance Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    What should be considered before Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)? 

    Due to increased bleeding risk during surgery, medications such as aspirin and antibiotics should be stopped at least 15 days before the procedure. Smoking and other tobacco products should also be discontinued 2-3 weeks before the operation as they delay wound healing. Herbal supplements should also not be taken during this period as they may cause unexpected effects Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    How is upper eyelid aesthetics performed? 

    Upper eyelid aesthetics or droopy eyelid surgery is a simple process of cutting and removing excess skin and muscle tissue in the area. An incision is made on the eyelid fold line, and the surgical scar is not visible. It gives better cosmetic results when applied together with a forehead lift and brow lift operations. In addition, patients who have eyelid aesthetics may also prefer surgeries such as almond eye aesthetics or other surgeries Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    How is lower eyelid aesthetics performed? 

    When you are young, the fat pads located on the cheekbones are displaced downwards with the effect of gravity with the aging process. This causes signs of aging in the form of collapse under the lower eyelid and deepening of the laugh lines around the mouth. The aesthetic procedure for this fat pad is performed endoscopically by hanging the pads in place. This procedure is performed before any procedure is performed on the lower eyelid. After the fat pads are suspended in place, it may not be necessary to perform any procedure on the lower eyelid Blepharoplasty Turkey. 
    The lower eyelid is re-evaluated to check for bagging and sagging. If these findings have not disappeared, lower eyelid surgery is performed. The surgical incision is made just below the eyelashes. The skin is lifted and the fat packets here are spread to the under-eye hollow, excess skin and muscle are cut and removed and the procedure is completed. If the under-eye depression persists after surgery, under-eye fat injection may be required after healing Blepharoplasty Turkey.

    How to Perform Blepharoplasty?

    The operation is usually performed with local anesthesia (only by anesthetizing the area around the eyes) and sedation (sedatives). General anesthesia may be preferred according to the patient’s condition. The operation takes an average of 1 hour. The patient can go home on the same day. During surgery, incisions are made through the natural lines of the upper eyelids and just below the eyelashes in the lower eyelids. By entering the incisions, the herniated adipose tissue is corrected and the excess muscle and skin tissue is removed. It is based on the protection of adipose tissue as much as possible without removing it.

    Eyelid Surgery in Turkey Cost

    For those who want to have blepharoplasty surgery for aesthetic or functional reasons, only upper eyelid or lower eyelid eyelid aesthetics can be performed or both can be applied together. Blepharoplasty is often performed together with brow lift, forehead lift and endoscopic mid-face surgeries. 
    Eyelid aesthetic prices can be determined after the method to be performed is decided by a specialist doctor. You can contact Zaren ​Health for having this operation. You can have Blepharoplasty with Zaren ​Health and you will be very satisfied.

    Step by Step Eyelid Surgery in Turkey

    You can have eyelid surgery in Turkey consists of basic steps. 

    1. Zaren ​Health provides you with free online consultation to make your eyelid ​aesthetics plan.
    2. In line with the plan, you can choose the best eyelid aesthetics Turkey package in Zaren ​Health .
    3. After choosing your blepharoplasty  package, you can plan your visit to Turkey.
    4. Finally, you can have the best blepharoplasty with Zaren ​Health .

    Proven Blepharoplasty 

    Zaren ​Health, one of the best health counselor in Turkey, provides the most affordable blepharoplasty. One of the best treatments for someone suffering from ageing eyelid is eyelid surgery.

    Turkey is a leader in surgerical operations and is considered the best destination for the medical services. This is due to their highly skilled surgeons and favorable all-inclusive packages at affordable costs.GET A

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