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Breast Reduction in Turkey


    Breast reduction in Turkey, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic Procedure. This procedure aims to reduce the size and weight of large breasts. Breasts can be of great weight causing discomfort, pain and physical limitations. Zaren Health in Turkey is a leading medical tourism company offering high quality breast reduction services Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    Zaren Health consults a team of highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeons who offer safe and personalized treatment options. Their expertise guarantees the best results and complete patient satisfaction. The clinic utilizes advanced surgical techniques and technologies to ensure natural-looking, proportionate and long-lasting results Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    Here you can find answers for breast reduction in Turkey. We answer many questions such as who is a candidate for breast reduction and how long is the breast reduction recovery process. Some women claim excessive breast. There are many solutions such as psychological activity, removal of excess fat, or breast lift. However, when it comes to requesting a surgical procedure, one of the most inquired about surgical procedures is the price. At this point, inclusive breast reduction (or inclusive package) comes to mind Breast Reduction in Turkey. 

    Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, resulting in a more proportionate and smaller breast size. After the procedure, patients typically wear a surgical bra to provide support and aid in the healing process. Let’s get more information ​mammoplasty, or breast reduction Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    What is Breast Reduction? 

    Breast reduction is the surgical reduction and de-emphasis of breasts that are large in relation to your body structure.  The procedure aims to adjust them to a size that is proportionate to your body. An experienced plastic surgeon should perform this aesthetic procedure. For breast reduction, you should choose a surgeon who is an expert in the field of plastic surgery Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    Large breasts are also heavy and carrying these breasts can lead to postural disorders and even psychological problems over time. Therefore, using the right cosmetic surgery at an earlier stage will allow you to have a more comfortable life. Many clinics and hospitals in Istanbul apply breast reduction, which should be referred to as plastic surgery. However, a specialist doctor and an experienced clinic or hospital should be preferred for the procedure Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    Why Is Breast Reduction Aesthetics Performed?

    The aim of breast reduction aesthetics is to eliminate the patient’s complaints and to obtain breasts of equal size and shape, symmetry and lighter weight. Large, heavy breasts can also cause postural disturbances, back pain, sagging and long-term psychological problems. All of these can reduce your quality of life and lead to a number of problems in your social life. It is possible to get rid of these problems by having a breast reduction at the most appropriate time Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    Everyone knows which surgeon to choose for breast reduction surgery: an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is an expert in the field and possesses a strong competence in anatomy. It is definitely recommended to schedule a consultation by calling Zaren ​Health Breast Reduction in Turkey.

    Who Are Suitable for Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

    We recommend that those who have completed their physical development undergo aesthetic treatment for breast reduction. This means that the period after the age of 18 would be the ideal time for young girls to undergo the procedure. The sooner one undergoes this cosmetic surgery, the earlier they can prevent the problems that may be experienced in the following years. In addition, you should talk to your doctor in detail before the breast reduction surgery and you should get answers to all the questions you have in mind. An initial examination is very important.

    Your general health must be good enough to undergo this surgery. If you are considering pregnancy after the procedure, you should have this procedure done after the delivery and breastfeeding period. This is because you may have problems with your milk ducts.
    During the examination at your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should come to a consensus between your expectations of this surgery and the advice your surgeon will give you based on your anatomy. ​Breast reduction surgery can also correct breast asymmetry.  After a successful breast reduction surgery, you will gain confidence and feel very happy with your body.

    Mammoplasty Cost in Turkey

    In cosmetic surgery, costs will be vary according to each individual, as special planning will be done for each patient. The same is true for the price of breast reduction. You should call us to book a consultation, which will enable us to obtain detailed information about you. This will enable us to inform you of the price. In addition, the Ministry of Health prohibits the publication of prices on the Internet. ​To obtain the most accurate price for a breast reduction, you can acquire detailed information by calling Zaren ​Health.

    Zaren ​Health in Turkey offers top-quality breast reduction surgeries, effectively reducing excess breast tissue to enhance patients’ comfort and appearance. With added perks such as VIP transfers and comprehensive post-operative care, Zaren ​Health ensures a seamless experience for patients seeking an affordable breast reduction surgery cost.

    What are the different types of mammoplasty?

    Breast reduction in Istanbul, or mastopexy in Istanbul, is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the removal of part of the gland and skin and, if necessary, the reduction of the nipple areola. Different techniques can be used when performing mastopexy in Turkey, depending on the indication and the surgeon’s experience. The most frequently used methods include. Lejour (preserving the vertical scar), Benelli (scar appears around the nipple areola), McKissok (scar resembles an inverted letter ‘T’), Hall-Findley (vertical scar). During the consultation prior to the mammaplasty in Istanbul, the surgeon and the patient choose the method that will be used.

    Is mammoplasty the same as breast reduction?

    In Turkey, individuals can undergo breast reduction, which is an available plastic surgery procedure. Procedure involves surgeons removing part of gland and skin, if needed, reducing the size of the nipple areola. Istanbul mammoplasty aims to achieve an aesthetic result. Additionally, it significantly improves the patient’s quality of life by eliminating the cause of a health condition, such as back pain. The need for breast reduction may also be dictated by health reasons, such as diseases caused by an overburdened spine. Symptoms that accompany this condition typically include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and sometimes headaches.

    What Are The Benefits of Mammoplasty Surgery in Turkey? 

    Mammoplasty in Turkey has numerous advantages. It alleviates pain, improves body proportion, boosts self-confidence, and enhances physical activity. Skilled surgeons and modern facilities ensure safety and success during the procedure, making it an ideal choice. Patients can experience relief, improved aesthetics, and an overall better quality of life after this surgery.


    Opting for breast reduction at Turkey’s Zaren ​Health comes with a multitude of advantages, making it a premier destination for this procedure. The clinic is renowned for its utilization of advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring high-efficiency surgeries with reduced recovery times. The highly skilled and experienced surgeons at Zaren ​Health are instrumental in providing optimal results, further enhancing the clinic’s reputation in this medical field.

    The affordable cost of procedures, despite the world-class medical services, is another compelling reason to consider Zaren ​Health . This economic benefit doesn’t compromise the quality of care, providing a significant advantage over many other countries. Furthermore, the clinic’s comprehensive aftercare services, including dedicated post-surgery follow-ups, ensure a smooth recovery process.

    The numerous positive testimonials and success stories from previous patients underscore the clinic’s commitment to excellent patient care. Choosing Zaren ​Health for your breast reduction surgery in Turkey is a decision that combines quality, affordability, and a dedicated path towards improved comfort and confidence.

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