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Mesotherapy in Turkey


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    What is Mesotherapy?

    Mesotherapy is generally applied for cosmetic rejuvenation, skin tightening and lipolysis (removing fat from the body). Amino acids play a vital role in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Our hair is primarily made up of keratin, a protein that is formed by amino acids. The lack of essential amino acids in our diet can lead to weak and brittle hair, making it more susceptible to breakage and hair loss. 
    However, a mesotherapy treatment that involves injecting hyaluronic acid and amino acids into the scalp can stimulate hair growth and improve its overall health. The number of sessions required for the treatment varies depending on the severity of hair loss and the individual’s response to the therapy. Mesotherapy has been found to be a safe and effective way to combat hair loss and enhance hair growth, making it a popular choice for those looking to improve their hair’s appearance and health Mesotherapy in Turkey.

    How is needle-free mesotherapy performed?

    Mesotherapy is a method of treating certain disorders by injecting vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, hormones and other bioactive substances under the skin. Mesotherapy is usually applied by subcutaneous injection or by using some special microinjection techniques. 
    Today, with the use of local anesthetics and microinjection techniques, the discomfort during the application is very low. Mesotherapy is generally applied for cosmetic rejuvenation, skin tightening and lipolysis Mesotherapy in Turkey.

    Areas where mesotherapy is used

    • Cellulite, veins, jowls and localized fat deposits in other areas,
    • Acne, keloids, leg ulcers, photoaging, facial rejuvenation, itching, psoriasis, skin cracks, skin blemishes, vitiligo and eczema,
    • Musculoskeletal and rheumatologic diseases, arthritis, asthma, gout, headache, disc damage, fibromyalgia, constipation, tinnitus, dizziness, sports injuries.

    With the mesotherapy method, drugs used systemically can be applied locally in smaller amounts and directly to the diseased area. Thus, the risk of systemic side effects is reduced thanks to mesotherapy applied for therapeutic purposes Mesotherapy in Turkey.

    Types of Mesotherapy 

    PRP Mesotherapy: PRP mesotherapy is the injection of blood taken from the person himself/herself through appropriate procedures and injected back to him/her for cosmetic or disease reasons (skin, joints, etc.). It is approximately a 20-minute procedure. The blood taken from the patient is processed to separate the most viable fibrin and platelets. After centrifugation, the platelet and fibrin component of the blood is removed and re-injected into the area in need Mesotherapy in Turkey. 
    Needle-Free Mesotherapy: The needle-free mesotherapy method is based on the technique of applying the substances used for mesotherapy to the skin with devices working with a pressure system. It may have advantages and disadvantages for needle phobics and special cases Mesotherapy in Turkey.

    Beauty Mesotherapy

    For the mesotherapy procedure performed for beauty purposes, first of all, the appropriate mesotherapy should be determined and the person should not have systemic diseases (heart and kidney disease, blood diseases, etc.) and should not use drugs that disrupt bleeding Mesotherapy in Turkey. 
    After mesotherapy, the amount of collagen in the skin increases and a more vivid, shiny, shining, smooth surface appearance can be obtained. Although it varies depending on the drugs used, usually 3 to 5 applications are performed 2-4 weeks apart Mesotherapy in Turkey.

    When Does Mesotherapy Take Effect?

    Mesotherapy applied to the face area begins to show its effect under the skin of the area where it is applied from the moment it is applied. It may take some time for the treatment to show its effect on the upper areas of the skin. Therefore, it may take a few weeks to see improvement in your problems such as sagging and wrinkles. 
    As the sessions progress, the effects of mesotherapy will become visible from the outside and the recovery of your skin and the reduction in wrinkles will become evident. During this period, you should not interrupt the sessions thinking that mesotherapy is not effective.

    When Does Swelling Go Away After Mesotherapy?

    Swelling on the face of some people after mesotherapy is a temporary condition. If you experience swelling, your swelling starts to go down 24 hours after mesotherapy. Within a few days, all swelling will decrease and disappear spontaneously. 

    How Does Bruising Go Away After Mesotherapy?

    Bruising on the face of some people after mesotherapy is a temporary condition, just like swelling. The bruises that occur decrease and disappear spontaneously within a few days without the need for any treatment.

    Things to Pay Attention After Mesotherapy

    Since injection is performed during the mesotherapy procedure, the skin will be damaged to some extent. For this reason, the skin should not be overtired and should be rested for the first 1-2 days after mesotherapy. In the first 15 hours after mesotherapy, the treated area should not be washed or bathed. It is important not to wear heavy make-up and not to swim in the pool and sea to avoid infection. 

    You should not go out in the sun too much because the small crusts formed after the injection prevent the sun rays from reaching these areas. In this case, while other areas of the skin change color with the effect of the sun, the skin under the crusted areas may remain light colored and cause tone differences. Solarium should also be avoided in the early period after mesotherapy. If the treated area is not on the face, it is also recommended not to wear tight clothing.

    Mesotherapy Cost in Turkey

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