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Composite Filling in Turkey


    Composite filling in Turkey: At Zaren Health in Turkey, patients can benefit from the latest advances in dental technology to restore and enhance their smiles. One of the most popular procedures offered at the clinic is composite filling, a treatment that uses tooth-colored composite resin to repair decayed or damaged teeth. 

    Unhealthy eating habits, genetic factors and some disorders such as teeth grinding are effective on dental health. Teeth can be damaged for various reasons. Filling is used to repair the damage to the teeth. Filling is one of the most commonly used treatment methods. This usually painless procedure is performed using various materials and the filling material is prepared with different materials in the same way. The most preferred filling material is composite filling, which preserves the natural appearance and colour of the teeth.

    What is Composite Filling?

    Teeth wear out over time due to various reasons. Caries, cracks or fractures occur. Filling is applied to repair teeth damaged by such reasons. Composite filling stands out as the most commonly used filling type. The composite filling, which is in the form of dough before being applied to the tooth, is hardened with the help of special lights after the application. Since the composite filling is tooth-coloured, it looks aesthetically beautiful and protects tooth integrity. Composite Filling in Turkey is produced according to the tooth tone.

    Types of Fillings

    The dentist can recommend different filling materials to suit the individual’s tooth damage. The most commonly used filling materials include the following:

    • Silver-coloured filling: This filling is also called metal amalgam. It is made from a combination of mercury, silver, tin and copper. This material is long-lasting and economical, but may not create an aesthetically pleasing appearance Composite Filling in Turkey.
    • Composite filling: Composite filling is the most common type of filling. It is made of a mixture of glass or quartz particles and acrylic resin. This filling, which is made of a durable material, creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance as it can be produced in tooth colour.
    • Gold filling: Made with a mixture of gold, copper and other metals, this filling is extremely durable but does not give a natural appearance. 
    • Glass ionomer filling: This filling also gives an aesthetically harmonious appearance with the tooth. However, it is not as durable as composite filling. 
    • Porcelain filling: Porcelain filling has a natural appearance but its cost is high. Therefore, it is not preferred very often Composite Filling in Turkey.

    In Which Problems Is Composite Filling Applied?

    Filling is among the most common dental treatment procedures. It is necessary to pay attention to certain warnings to understand that the tooth needs a filling. Filling is usually performed when the teeth crack or break, when severe toothaches are experienced, increased tooth sensitivity occurs, or when the existing filling is broken. In addition to these, filling can also be done to fill tooth gaps and correct tooth deformities Composite Filling in Turkey.

    How is Composite Filling Performed?

    Composite fillings are usually performed in a single session. If the filling is performed to correct tooth deformity or fill tooth gaps, the patient is not anaesthetized. Only in cases such as caries treatment, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. During this procedure, the tooth is first anaesthetized and the decayed part of the tooth is cleaned by the physician. Then, a composite filling is made in accordance with the tooth cavity. In the last stage, the tooth is given the best form by making the necessary corrections. When the composite filling is first placed, it is normal for the patient to experience sensitivity to heat or cold. This sensitivity decreases after a short time after the tooth gets used to the filling Composite Filling in Turkey.

    What is the Lasting Period of a Composite Filling?

    Composite fillings, which have been frequently used especially for the last 50 years, wear out a little earlier than amalgam fillings, but composite fillings can be used for up to 10-15 years with good care. If teeth grinding or other problems are present, the life of the fillings may be shortened Composite Filling in Turkey.

    What are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

    Composite fillings, which are becoming increasingly popular and frequently preferred, allow the treatment of dental caries without causing aesthetic concerns. The filling process reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Thus, the risk of tooth decay and infection is reduced. In addition, composite fillings bond to the tooth structure and provide support to the tooth. Composite filling is used to repair chipped, broken or worn teeth as well as in the treatment of caries Composite Filling in Turkey.

    What Should Be Considered in the Care of Filled Teeth?

    The first thing to do to protect filled teeth is to pay attention to oral hygiene. In addition to carefully brushing the teeth with paste and flossing at least twice a day, it is recommended to have the teeth professionally cleaned once a year. It is also necessary to be examined by a dentist at least once a year. If the dentist thinks that a filling has been damaged during the examination, he or she can take x-rays to assess the condition of the tooth.

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