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Emax Veneers in Turkey


    Emax veneers in Turkey are very affordable for you. With Zaren Health, you can have the best dental treatments in Turkey. Things you wonder about Emax veneers are here. If you would like to ​perform this treatment, contact Zaren Health, the best health counselor in Turkey, without wasting time. 

    What are Emax Veneers?

    The veneer material, called Emax, is porcelain, obtained by firing glass ceramic on a crystalline ceramic core that is compressed under pressure without using any metal substructure and thus increased durability. They can also be called fill porcelain teeth because they consist entirely of ceramic. It is also one of the most aesthetic materials used in dental prosthesis applications due to its very high light transmittance and the absence of metal content Emax veneers in Turkey. The most important point in terms of gaining an aesthetic appearance is laminate applications, and e-max material is generally preferred.

    How is Emax Dental veneering done?

    The treatment of E max veneers is almost the same as many other veneers. In all dental applications, measurements should be taken first. This is very important for Emax applications. The skill of the technician who prepares your teeth in the laboratory environment is as important as the dentist’s treatment. The patient’s complaints and expectations during examination are determined in advance during the initial treatment Emax veneers in Turkey.

    These complaints often include separation, fracture, erosion, and damage to the front teeth. These problems prevent a beautiful smile. After the preliminary treatment, measurements of the teeth to be treated with emax veneers are taken. These measurements are made digitally and create a clear measurement. After the examination, the teeth will be sent to the laboratory to form their physiological form. It takes 3 to 5 days to transform these dimensions into solid teeth Emax veneers in Turkey..

    In which cases are Emax veneers applied?

    Yellowed Teeth: With E-Max veneers, say goodbye to your yellowed teeth. Since E-Max veneers are transparent and highly resistant to breakage and bending, they offer you new teeth with great aesthetics to replace your existing teeth. 
    Crooked Teeth: E-Max veneers are a preferred type of treatment to restore the structure and shape of crooked teeth, especially for the anterior region. It provides optimum aesthetic results when designing smile aesthetics in the front area. 
    Root Canal Treated Teeth: Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment tend to be fragile. In addition to its aesthetic excellence, E-Max veneers are also a good option for the repair of weak teeth that have undergone root canal treatment and have a sensitive structure. 
    Broken Teeth: Broken teeth due to extensive tooth decay or trauma can also be treated with E-Max dental veneers.

    Maintenance of Emax Veneers?

    The condition of using E-max veneers for many years is good oral hygiene. It is enough to brush your e-max veneers twice a day and complete the hygiene with dental floss, which does not require any extra care. A dental examination and dental cleaning twice a year will protect your oral health and ensure that your veneers are checked in the same way. Thus, you can smile like the first day for many years Emax veneers in Turkey..

    How Long Can Emax Veneers Be Used?

    It is complex to give a clear answer to this question. However, if cleaning and oral care are done regularly, you can use emax veneers for many years without any problems. Checking the condition of the tooth twice a year will also increase the duration of use. Touches that require early intervention are very important Emax veneers in Turkey.

    What is the Difference between EMax and Zirconium?

    E-Max porcelain has a higher light transmittance and gives more aesthetic results than zirconium. However, E-Max is not as durable as zirconium, and in cases where there is more than one missing tooth, Zirconium Bridge prostheses are applied because E-Max bridge prostheses cannot be performed due to their fragility.

    Is it common for an Emax crown to break or fall off?

    Fractures and cracking may occur with reverse and excessive force, but this is almost the same as the possibility of breaking a solid tooth. It can be repaired to a great extent in the clinical environment. If the tooth under the veneer starts to decay over time and material loss occurs, it may fall out. In such cases, the tooth is treated if possible, and the veneers are glued again Emax veneers in Turkey..

    Advantages of Emax Veneers?

    This procedure provides a truly organic image. 
     It provides high quality results in terms of aesthetics. 
     This application is much more effective than other types. 
     It is extremely healthy in terms of periodontal care. 
     It is resistant to abrasion and fluid absorption is lower than alternative applications. 
     Possible deformations and discoloration of the teeth can be easily corrected with this application. 
     After the application, a younger appearance and a dynamic smile are achieved. 
     This type of veneer also helps to correct misaligned teeth. 
     It completely closes the tooth gaps and reshapes the teeth.

    Emax Dental Veneers Cost in Turkey?

    E-Max tooth costs may vary depending on the number of teeth to be treated, the person’s requests, the quality of the selected material, the need for other dentistry treatments, and the treatment plan. The best information about E-Max tooth prices can be obtained after the first examination. With E max veneers, you can have natural looking teeth in a short time. Through E max veneers, broken and missed teeth are no longer a nightmare for you.

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